Thu. May 6th, 2021

Chicago – From the devilishly creative mind of Sweetheart Video director Ricky Greenwood comes Sweet Sweet Sally Mae, exclusively available in its entirety November 20 on and

With an explosive tagline – ‘She’s Bad… She’s Mean… She’s A Lovin’ Machine!’ – Greenwood offers up a brilliant girl-girl homage to ‘70s exploitation cinema that features an inclusive and primarily Black cast, with Ana Foxxx as the titular character.

“Everyone knows my passion for ‘exploitation’ movies. In the past I directed a Women in Prison movie, Reform School Girls and Nunsploitation movies,” said Greenwood, who, in addition to directing the feature, also wrote the screenplay.

“One of the genres I always craved to pay tribute to was Blaxploitation and it finally happened! We got a great cast for this amazing feature and had a lot of fun and laughter on set, you can tell by the final product. I am happy that Adult Time picked up the project and is giving it the exposure it deserves.”

Sweet Sweet Sally Mae marks Adult Time’s first official collaboration with Greenwood, and this film’s release is part of the company’s ongoing commitment to increase inclusivity and diversity on the streaming platform. Read more here:

The feature will be one of Adult Time’s main contenders for 2022 awards consideration. Sweet Sweet Sally Mae will be available for everyone to watch in its softcore SFW version on the streaming platform’s official YouTube channel.

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By Editor