Sat. Apr 17th, 2021

Chicago – Race Bannon will be the next guest on “In the Spotlight,” hosted by Mistress Cyan and Madame Margherite. The interview show will air live, Monday evening, March 8, at 8 p.m. PST, online at [].

Bannon is considered by most to be a living legend in the community. Having contributed to education and activism in the LGBTQ+, leather and kink communities since 1973, the published works by Race Bannon predate the “sexpert” lexicon. He continues to be an organizer, writer, leader, and speaker on subjects such as gay rights, HIV, sexual health, and safe BDSM practices. Bannon will share his daring experiences, kinky wisdom, and sexy stories of adventures in fetish.

“It is an absolute honor to have Race Bannon on our show!” exclaimed Mistress Cyan. “We can’t wait to have him with us. Race not only represents the true honor of the old guard, but he brings the knowledge and power that comes with the experience of so many changes in the leather scene through the years. Please join us in our chat room. You don’t want to miss this live episode.”

“In The Spotlight” airs from Sanctuary LAX Studios and is an opportunity to hear from legends in the field of sexuality, fetish and BDSM. Those featured are honored educators, experts, and mentors from the international kink community. Recent guests have included bondage instructor Jay Wiseman, mentor Orpehus Black, Femdom educatrix Tara Indiana, and sexpert Dr. Susan Block.

The show is free to the kinky public. Visit for more info.

By Editor