Wed. Aug 17th, 2022

Chicago – A new virtual reality fantasy directed by OnTheTelly and starring brown-eyed babe Aria Lee is now streaming on The SexLikeReal Originals production “As Seen on TV” features Lee as a young hottie endeavoring to sell a vintage TV and VCR. When a hunky buyer shows up on her doorstep to test the machine, and the two discover that a classic porn flick was left in the video player, the couple is inspired to indulge in an afternoon delight of the most salacious sort.

“There’s just something remarkably fun about having characters watch 2D porn in a 3D VR film,” said OnTheTelly. “The play-within-a-play scenario we created with ‘As Seen on TV’ is really wild because the VR viewer is able to watch porn the ‘old way,’ via a VHS cassette playing in a VCR, while simultaneously enjoying the engrossing sensual power of a virtual reality sexual experience. We’re nostalgically paying tribute to analog video by featuring the obsolete format in a production using today’s cutting-edge digitally streaming technology.”

“Aria delivers a spectacularly sultry portrayal as the sexy brunette that gets turned on and horned up by vintage erotica,” OnTheTelly continued. “VR viewers can savor Aria’s intensely passionate performance as the knockout flirts, fellates, and fervidly fornicates in high resolution 6K video. We captured Aria in all her lascivious glory with a variety of raunchy close-ups so that her fans will genuinely be transported into this magnificent starlet’s wet and wickedly naughty world.”

“As Seen on TV” is shot with an extra-wide 200-degree field of vision and includes spatial audio for the most compelling and authentic sex simulation. The scene can be viewed on here:

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