Thu. Sep 23rd, 2021

Dee joins Tanya to discuss performer wellness on Episode 4, available now

Chicago – Erotic content creator and certified sex educator Dee Siren is a guest on the Tanya Tate Presents MILFS Making Money Podcast ( The podcast is geared toward adult sex workers who generate revenue on premium social media sites and cam sites. On each of the bi-weekly episodes, Tanya and her guests share their tips and strategies to build a successful career. In addition to being an on-screen performer for the last ten years, Dee Siren is also an intimacy/relationship coach as well as a sex educator. Dee is on the podcast to talk about the importance of mental wellness among talent.

“An essential aspect of being a sex worker is mental wellness,” said Dee. “That often gets overlooked, so I am thrilled that Tanya has asked me to discuss the issue with her on her podcast. I’ll share my experiences and what I do to stay positive.”

Additionally, Tanya also shares her thoughts on keeping a vision board to help you stay focused on your career goals. While many people start their careers with intended purposes, those goals may get neglected during the process of getting established. Tanya talks about the ways a vision board kept her on track with financial and personal goals.

Listen to Tanya Tate Presents MILFS Making Money on virtually all podcast platforms, including Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Audible, Spotify, and PlayerFM, as well as The Dee Siren episode, Episode 4: Strong Mental Health With Dee Siren and Vision Board Goals, is available for streaming now.

By Editor