Wed. Jan 19th, 2022

Chicago – “Hard Times,” a new virtual reality fantasy from SexLikeReal Originals and director OnTheTelly, is now streaming on The featurette stars kinky cutie Vanessa Vega as a girlfriend that notices her beau stressing over several past-due bills. In order to ease his tension, the big-hearted babe breaks out her animal roleplay gear and invites her anxious lover into the bedroom for an escapist sexual adventure rife with hardcore fetish fun.

“Vanessa portrays the sweetheart of your dreams in this pleasantly perverse reprieve from reality,” said OnTheTelly. “She’s gorgeous, tight, wet, and very much into kink. When she assumes her petplay persona and purrs provocatively into your ear, all of your troubles will begin to melt away. Grab on to Vanessa’s pink body straps as the knockout passionately rides atop your rock-solid rod and blissfully grinds away your woes. The more you give in to her fantasy world, the hotter this tryst becomes, and the closer you get to an eruptive climax that’ll put a spring in your step and give you the positive attitude you need to take on the world.”

“We’re living in difficult and uncertain financial times and many of us can use a respite from the panic-inducing pressures of recent years,” OnTheTelly added. “In the medical field, virtual reality is increasingly being used as a supplemental tool for treating individuals with anxiety, serving as a visual aid for practicing relaxation and mindfulness. While your local physician certainly won’t prescribe VR porn as the cure for modern day angst, I’m willing to bet that streaming ‘Hard Times’ on your VR headset, and watching Vanessa in 3D as she wiggles her anal tail toy in your face, will help you slip away from your worries.”

“Hard Times” is shot with a 200-degree field of view in high-resolution 6K video and includes spatial audio for an immersive aural and visual experience. The scene can be viewed on here:

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