Mon. Nov 29th, 2021

Chicago – Brunette belle Kylie Quinn plays a teaching assistant challenged with tutoring a randy college athlete in a new virtual reality fantasy from SexLikeReal Originals. “Make Plays, Not Grades” was produced by the studio’s Miami production division and is currently streaming exclusively on

The erotic wish-fulfillment adventure places the VR viewer in the shoes of a confident and libidinous jock that cares more about getting in his strikingly hot tutor’s panties than maintaining his GPA. Try as she might, Quinn’s character just can’t seem to get the beefy student to stop hitting on her and focus on his lesson. After getting a gander at the pupil’s prodigious prick, the instructor finally gives in to his advances and the young couple engages in an afternoon delight replete with hardcore hijinks and intensely immersive impropriety.

“This is Kylie’s first featurette for SexLikeReal Originals and we couldn’t be more thrilled to have her,” said SexLikeReal CEO Alex Novak. “When Kylie’s fan’s find themselves face-to-face with this exquisite stunner in engrossing 3D, their hearts will skip a beat and their passions will run wild. ‘Make Plays, Not Grades’ transports viewers into a naughty escapist scenario where Kylie breaks all the rules and takes the student-teacher relationship to a steamy new level.”

“With startlingly realistic 6K video quality and a panoramic view of the sexy action, this scene brings fans closer to Kylie than ever before as she captivates and satisfies through an extraordinarily sensuous performance. Her character may have some shortcomings as an academic instructor, but Kylie gets an A+ in sex appeal.”

“Make Plays, Not Grades” is shot with a 200-degree field of vision, includes spatial audio, and will soon be compatible with leading male pleasure products. The scene can be viewed on here:

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