Wed. May 18th, 2022

Chicago – Multiple nominated and award winning cam model and content creator Ainslee Divine has a lot to be thankful for after wrapping up another successful year in the industry. Despite a few recent setbacks including losing a prominent social media account as well as the loss of some fans from an ill-timed decision and subsequent about-face with a major fan platform, navigating hurdles has become second nature for Ainslee. “There have been bumps in the road for me, but I’m a fighter, and with the help of my husband / business manager, we have learned how to be even more resourceful when facing impending adversity.” She adds, “For example, Instagram changes their policies randomly to fit their agenda and clearly doesn’t care for content creators and cam models, so I have an attorney and intend to follow through with arbitration in recovering my IG account. If that doesn’t work, then I’ll explore all legal options. I’m a 48-year-old woman who doesn’t violate community guidelines and I’m tired of being bullied by platforms that play double standards.”

With her top platforms of choice being OnlyFans and Streamate, Ainslee has always opted to work as a solo model and occasionally performing with other women only, despite numerous requests from male talent. As a testament to her level of success, she remains at the top of her platforms not just in the MILF category, but in all categories, including repeatedly winning and placing in challenges on Streamate and even cracking the top .1% of OnlyFans: “I’m looking forward to what 2022 brings on both platforms” she enthusiastically states, given everything has generally moved in a positive direction.

With just over five years exclusively in the adult industry, Ainslee established herself early on as a top performing cam model and content creator. Billed as “The Ultimate MOM Next Door” and hailing from Arizona, Ainslee Divine joined the industry in her 40s leaving behind a successful career in real estate after her original Instagram blew up in a very short amount of time with thousands of new followers. Shortly after, a friend and industry producer suggested she consider a career as an adult performer, and that was all she needed to kickstart her new career. After making six figures in her first year alone, and increasing her income by over 50% in each subsequent year, Ainslee has not looked back. Her forward style of thinking has not only helped sustain her over the years, but has kept her at the top, with constantly focusing on growing her brand and knowing her voice early on. Winning over fans and retaining them for long periods of time, coupled with exploring all possible opportunities has all contributed to her success.

“My competitive edge has been instrumental in so much of what I’ve achieved. Whether it applies to my previous career, or sports and recreational activities I participate in, and obviously camming, my drive to be number one is a large part of what keeps me focused. I’ve been fortunate in that I’ve been recognized for my work in the biz with 11 awards nominations over the years and my first two wins in the past two years with winning 2020 MILF Cam model at XBIZ, and 2021 YNOT Diva Cam Star of the Year”, states Ainslee. She adds, “It has always paid off for me to feed into my fans enthusiasm. I try to treat all of them respectfully and answer as many messages as I can. This will continue to be a top priority for me. Another thing that makes me especially proud is being contacted by other models who praise me for being the reason they got into the adult business. When I’m told how much they look up to me and they’ve read my Business Insider article ( and how it helped motivate them, it’s really an amazing feeling. I really enjoy helping other creators and am always willing to share my knowledge for free. It’s all so gratifying.”

So what’s next for Ainslee in 2022? Potential ambassador opportunities, more travel and the addition of European trade shows and events as well as the ones she currently attends annually in the U.S. “I’ve always loved travel, especially exotic destinations,” states Ainslee. “I enjoyed traveling and spending time in Hawaii, California and Oregon, and creating plenty of amazing content in the process in 2021. I hope to return to Hawaii in April 2022 and Europe later in the summer.” With a big launch coming soon in early 2022, Ainslee drops this hint, “Having spent the latter part of 2021 working on several mainstream projects, I’m very excited and am looking forward to launching in 2022! I think models and creators everywhere will be interested in what I’ll be putting out there!” Stay tuned for more information on this as well as impending nominations and appearances from Ainslee! To learn more about Ainslee Divine and find all of her platform links, please visit

By Editor