Wed. May 18th, 2022

Chicago – Shhh! Adult Time spotlights youth’s frenzied intensity of sexual passion with a brand-new series, Teen Sneaks, where stealthy encounters reap the most exciting rewards.

The first episode, ‘Don’t Tell Your Parents’ (out January 19), stars Jane Wilde and Codey Steele as two wildly independent teens who are thwarted by an overprotective parent in the next room. Codey wants to quietly study and NOT get caught with his pants down, while Jane wants to tempt fate and jump his bones.

“Some of the most popular episodes of all-time on Adult Time revolve around the ‘almost caught’ fantasy and themes of sneaky, secretive sex”, says Adult Time’s Director of Marketing Frank Stacy. “This new ongoing project will join the rank of other Adult Time Original Series such as ‘Caught Fapping’, ‘Mommy’s Boy’ and ‘Go Stuck Yourself’.”

The Teen Sneaks series will include a mix of straight and lesbian themes, with each episode highlighting two young characters in lust with each other, yet thwarted by parents, bosses and other unseen characters who threaten to get them in trouble if caught. What to do? Get Sneaky!

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By Editor