Divisional Playoff Round
Cincinnati @ Tennessee
San Francisco @ Green Bay
Los Angeles Rams @ Tampa
Buffalo @ Kansas City

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Season Record: 56 – 34 Postseason 5 – 1

I want to see the Bengals go all the way but I think Tennessee ends that this week. And fuck the NFC all day.
Let’s go Tennessee. Green Bay. Tampa. Buffalo

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Season Record: 47 – 38 Postseason Record: 4 – 2

Tennessee over Cincinnati
Green Bay over San Francisco
Tampa over Los Angeles Rams
Kansas City over Buffalo

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Cincinnati @ Tennessee….which team will show up! I going on a limb and taking Titans at home!

San Francisco @ Green Bay…cold…snow…I hate Aaron Rodgers! But go with the Pack!

Los Angeles Rams @ Tampa….GOAT! Take the Bucs!

Buffalo @ Kansas City….Take the Chiefs at home!

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Season Record: 52 – 38 Postseason 3 – 3

Cincinnati over Tennessee
Green Bay over San Francisco
Los Angeles Rams over Tampa
Kansas City over Buffalo

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Season Record: 46 – 39 Postseason 4 – 2

Tennessee over Cincinnati
Green Bay over San Francisco
Rams over Tampa
Buffalo over Kansas City

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Season Record: 56 – 34 Postseason 6– 0

Cincinnati @ Tennessee: Tennessee wins
San Francisco @ Green Bay: Green Bay wins
Los Angeles Rams @ Tampa: Bucs win
Buffalo @ Kansas City: This should be an amazing game to watch! Chiefs win

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Season: 12– 8 Postseason 5 – 1

Cincinnati @ Tennessee: Tennessee wins
San Francisco @ Green Bay: San Francisco wins
Los Angeles Rams @ Tampa: Rams win
Buffalo @ Kansas City: Chiefs win

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Season Record: 43 – 37 Postseason 4 – 2

Tennessee over Cincinnati
Green Bay over 49ers
Los Angeles Rams over Buccaneers
Buffalo over Kansas City

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Season Record: 45- 40 Postseason 4 – 2

Tennessee over Bengals
Green Bay over 49ers
Tampa over Rams
Kansas City over Bills

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Season Record: 42 – 38 Postseason 3 – 3

Cincinnati over Titans
San Fran over Packers
LA Rams over Buccaneers
KC over Bills



Season Record: 43 – 27 Postseason 4 – 2

Tennessee over Bengals
Green Bay over 49ers
Tampa over Rams
Bills over Chiefs

Sean’s picks….Linzee Ryder’s photo

Season Record: 171 – 98 – 1 Postseason 6 – 0


Cincinnati @ Tennessee – Derrick Henry returns for the Titans which will only bolster their running attack. The Bengals won their first playoff game in 31 years but this week they go up against the number one seeded team in the AFC. This should be a close game since the Titans offense isn’t really built to score a ton of points. Titans 27 Bengals 24

San Francisco @ Green Bay – The 49ers win last week was no surprise to anyone who follows football. Dallas has been known for bad outings in big games. But the 49ers head to Green Bay playing with house money which should slightly alarm the Packers. Green Bay has never beaten the 49ers in the playoffs. However, that will probably change this weekend. The Packers offense will be too much for the 49ers. Packers 34 San Francisco 24


Los Angeles Rams @ Tampa Bay – The Rams were impressive in their win over the Cardinals last week. It also helped that the Cardinals looked terrible. This week they get Tom Brady and a Bucs team that dismantled the Eagles. The Rams must bring that same intensity they showed against the Cards to Tampa this week. However, the Rams have showed a great deal of inconsistency for most of the year. Tampa Bay 31 Rams 27

Buffalo @ Kansas City – The last game of the weekend should be the best. If the Bills can pressure Patrick Mahomes, it could be a long night for Chiefs Nation. The Bills should have no problem moving the ball on an average Chiefs defense. Buffalo 34 Kansas City 27


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