Sat. Jun 25th, 2022

Chicago – From out of the stuffed crust pizza pan and into the fire, Cinthya LaRose is sizzling as one of OnlyFans’ hottest stars who is singing the praises of creating online content after a short stint selling tasty pies at her local Pizza Hut.

“I’ll never forget my excitement in making $120 a week from my three-day part-time job… at first it seemed okay to me, I had a crush on one of the managers and got to eat pizza and cheese sticks on my breaks! But I soon realized that as an introvert, this type of work wasn’t really for suited for my personality,” LaRose explains.

“I’d come home smelling like food, my hair was flat and frazzled from constantly washing it, my skin went from dry to greasy depending on the day and I gained weight from those food breaks! My social life suffered, my self-esteem plummeted and I only made enough money for a mani/pedi and maybe some food. Dealing with angry customers and a stressed out manager left me drained of energy most days.”

LaRose soon realized that her time could be more productively spent with a job that offered more flexibility and higher pay, so she made the leap to OnlyFans “while embracing health and wellness with a plant-based diet, meditation, yoga and hiking, as well as focusing on my body as a source of strength and power.”

While she now enjoys the luxury of self-care and the financial freedom, she admits that there are downsides to making a living as an adult content creator. “I am often sexualized have been judged and rejected by people I thought were my friends, but I take the bad with the good. Sex work has empowered me to build my confidence, appreciate and understand what I have to offer and push back on difficulties – real or imagined – by allowing me to just unapologetically be myself.”

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Cinthya LaRose believes in a life well lived. “I’m not traditional by any means; I’m a free spirit – I like adventure, exploration and traveling.” Such is the fearless life of the Mexico-born, Miami-raised model, content creator and popular OnlyFans sex symbol.

Like many teenage girls, LaRose was often uncomfortable in her own skin and struggled with self-confidence. She studied psychology in college but dropped out before her junior year “when I realized how much a therapist makes a year!” and set out to find fulfillment and financial security in the taboo world of adult entertainment.

Three years later, LaRose is confident she made the right decision and has committed to paying it forward for other rising talents in the future. “I hope to be an advocate for sex workers in later years while doing my part to change the stigma around sex work.”

By Editor