Fri. Jun 24th, 2022

Chicago – “This opinion is a nuclear bomb to the health and autonomy of women,” writes Tami Rose, a sex educator, Navy veteran and owner of Jackson, Mississippi’s adult novelty boutique Romantic Adventures, of the U.S. Supreme Court’s leaked pronouncement to overturn the country’s constitutional right to safe and legal abortions, in a new Daily Beast article.

Rose’s first-person perspective, “I Own a Sex Shop in Mississippi. SCOTUS Is Coming for Me Next”, details the arguments and legal reasoning behind a draft opinion written by Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito that threatens the protections and basic rights to privacy guaranteed by the Fourteenth Amendment’s due process clause.

“This opinion is a nuclear bomb to the health and autonomy of women. Additionally, it will roll back all of the gains our society made over the last half-century… [and] as written does not just roll back Roe v. Wade—it severely limits what rights the 14th Amendment can protect.”

Rose describes how her store has had its share of intrusions over the years: “I have had government agents come in and seize toys off the wall as evidence in a case we tussled over for two-plus years… this decision as leaked from the Supreme Court will wipe out the porn industry and the sex-toy industry in this country—not to mention rolling back our civilization by 200 years.”

But she adds that the ruling would go far beyond the realm of the adult industry. “The real crime of this decision is that women and children will suffer under this cruel policy of state-enforced ignorance and neglect… after Roe was passed, infant mortality went down in this state by 50 percent—because women were getting better care and were better able to care for their children.

“Do you think unwanted children forced into families have a higher chance of being abused? I do. How many marriages will break up when extramarital affairs result in children, and how will men keep up their child-support payments?

“What really concerns me is that once we choose to go backward in time and take this compassionless route, people who do know how to give proper care to an abortion receiver will move out of the system and be lost… women will be forced to carry every pregnancy and denied contraception, which is the logical next step and is already being codified into law in Louisiana ( HB 813). These women will live much shorter life spans.

“My heart grieves that Mississippi, which is the poorest state in the country with the worst level of education, an abominable health record and an extremely high infant mortality rate, is being allowed to lead the rest of the nation into such an ill-advised scheme… sex is about to be a lot less fun. And I would imagine with consequences so dire, there will be less of it. Way to go, Mississippi! You just ruined sex for everybody.

“As a nation, we should be supporting mothers, feeding children, making better jobs available for our people, and restructuring our society so that all are happy and prosperous and want to have the joy of welcoming more children into the world.”

Read the article in full at, and check out her July 2021 article, “The Navy Veteran Who Runs a Wildly Popular Sex Shop in Mississippi”.

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In 2016, Navy veteran Tami Rose purchased the store with the goal of creating a safe, inclusive retreat for adults who want to build healthier sexual relationships with themselves and others, with an inventory of the highest-quality brands, best selection and customer service at a fair price.
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