Chicago — YouTube star and content creator Whatever Amy enjoyed girl and adult industry talk with retired adult star turned media upstart Alana Luv’s popular podcast, Luv ‘n Laughs where she discussed balancing a personal and professional life, her YouTube success and the popular requests she gets from her fans.

“I didn’t think there would be so much interest in my poop,” said Amy. “Poop or other bodily fluids which I don’t do but I refer them to a friend that does. I would never kink shame anyone. But I wasn’t expecting all of the poop.”

Scat stories aside, Whatever Amy talked about enjoying hardcore girl/girl, the most physically exhausting scenes, getting paid to rate dicks, handling the internet trolls and how she made it to the top of Only Fans.

“Amy was a pleasure to meet and converse with, she told so many great stories,” says Alana. “This is definitely an episode you don’t want to miss.”

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About Whatever Amy:

Dubbed America’s Internet Sweetheart, Whatever Amy came onto the social media scene in 2015 through her popular and witty Twitter page. Her sarcastic takes on life’s mishaps and observations on commuting, divorce, dating and life over 40, have brought many flocking to her page for a hearty laugh.  After joining OnlyFans two years ago on a whim, her empire has grown exponentially, much to the 45-year-old Jersey native’s surprise.   Since then, she has quickly grown in popularity and branched out to YouTube, Instagram, LoyalFans and the iconic Playboy’s  When she’s not hilariously pointing out her own daily misfortune on Twitter, divulging her sultry side on her subscription sites or teaching everyone about proper bra sizing on YouTube, she can be found on the nearest golf course- most likely cursing.

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