Week Eleven Games…

Tennessee @ Green Bay
Detroit @ NY Giants
Cincinnati @ Pittsburgh
Kansas City @ LA Chargers
San Francisco @ Arizona

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Tennessee over Green Bay
NY Giants over Detroit
Cincinnati over Pittsburgh
Kansas City over LA Chargers
San Fran over Arizona

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Green Bay over Tennessee
NY Giants over Detroit
Pittsburgh over Cincinnati
Kansas City over LA Chargers
San Francisco over Arizona



Green Bay over Tenn
NY Giants over Lions
Pittsburgh over Cincinnati
Kansas City over Chargers
San Fran over Arizona

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Tennessee over Green Bay
Giants over Lions
Cincinnati over Pittsburgh
KC over Chargers
SF over Arizona

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Tennessee over Green Bay
Giants over Lions
Cincinnati over Pittsburgh
LA Chargers over KC
Arizona over San Francisco


Tennessee over Green Bay
Giants over Detroit
Pittsburgh over Cincinnati
Kansas City over LA Chargers
Arizona over San Francisco

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Green Bay over Tennessee
NY Giants over Lions
Cincinnati over Steelers
Kansas City over LA Chargers
San Francisco over Arizona

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Green Bay over Titans
NY Giants over Lions
Cincinnati (UGH! I can’t believe I have to pick against the Steelers)
Kansas City over Chargers
San Francisco over Cardinals


Titans over Packers
Giants over Lions
Bengals over Steelers
KC over Chargers
SF over AZ

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Green Bay over Tennessee
Detroit over Giants
Pittsburgh over Bengals
LA Chargers over Chiefs
San Francisco over Arizona

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Tennessee @ Green Bay…I hate the Packers…Go Titans!
Detroit @ NY Giants … GO LIONS!
Cincinnati @ Pittsburgh … Bengals!
Kansas City @ LA Chargers … Chiefs look unstoppable!
San Francisco @ Arizona … Take Jimmy G. and the 49ers!

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Tennessee @ Green Bay: Green Bay wins
Detroit @ NY Giants: Giants win
Cincinnati @ Pittsburgh: Cincinnati wins
Kansas City @ LA Chargers: Kansas City wins
San Francisco @ Arizona: San Fran wins

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Tennessee over the Packers
Giants over the Lions
Bengals over the Steelers
KC over the Chargers
San Fran over AZ



Green Bay over Tennessee
Detroit over NY Giants
Cincinnati over Pittsburgh
Kansas City over LA Chargers
San Francisco over Arizona


Sean’s picks…Linzee Ryder’s picture.

Season Record – 81 – 67 – 1


Tennessee @ Green Bay – The Packers win over the Cowboys has reignited hopes in Wisconsin this week. Remember, this is the time over year the Cowboys start choking away their fans hopes and dreams. The Titans will out physical the Packers in this game. Titans 27 Packers 24


Chicago @ Atlanta – This is a head scratcher. Atlanta sucked wind against the lowly Panthers while the Bears blew a second half lead to the Lions. If the Falcons can contain Justin Fields, they should win easily. But that’s the million-dollar question. Falcons 31 Bears 27

Carolina @ Baltimore – The Panther’s win against the Falcons will be short lived as they take on a Ravens team wanting nothing more than to run the ball down people’s throats. Baltimore 27 Carolina 17

Cleveland @ Buffalo – Is the game even being played in Buffalo? Do the Bills rebound from their insane loss to the Vikings? I sure wouldn’t want to be a Cleveland Brown this week to find out. Buffalo 37 Cleveland 24

Washington @ Houston – After their upset win in Philly Monday night, this is no time for Washington to have a letdown against the Texans. Washington 30 Texans 20

Philadelphia @ Indianapolis – The Eagles suffered their first loss of the season while the Colts celebrate their first win for new coach Jeff Saturday against the once proud Raiders. Did I mention I wouldn’t want to be a Colt this week either. Eagles 31 Colts 17

NY Jets @ New England – The Jets travel north in hopes of returning the favor after the Patriots defeated them on their home field earlier this season. This is an important game for both teams with the Jets defense being the key for victory. Patriots 27 Jets 24

LA Rams @ New Orleans – The Rams are on a three-game losing streak while the Saints are fighting a two-game losing streak of their own, so something must give. The game will hinge on which team’s defense shows up. Rams 24 Saints 20

Detroit @ NY Giants – Believe it or not, the Lions come into this game on a two-game winning streak with victories over the Bears and Packers. This week, however, they step up in talent against the Giants. Giants 31 Lions 23

Las Vegas @ Denver – If you bet football, these are the games you pass on. Both teams suck. *Flips Coin*… Raiders 27 Broncos 24

Dallas @ Minnesota – Is this the beginning of the end for the Cowboys? Will the Vikings have a letdown after their win at Buffalo? Vikings 31 Cowboys 27

Cincinnati @ Pittsburgh – This should be a great rivalry game that will also come down to who plays the better defense. I see a Bengals team just not firing on all cylinders all season. Their offensive line must come up big or it could be a long day. Bengals 27 Steelers 20

Sunday Night

Kansas City @ LA Chargers – The Chargers have too many injuries to keep up a Chiefs team starting to hit it’s stride. Chiefs 34 Chargers 24

Monday Night

San Francisco @ Arizona (Mexico City) – Kyler Murray will need to return to the lineup if the Cardinals have a chance against the 49ers. Evan so, the 49ers have too many weapons for the Cardinals to handle. 49ers 30 Cardinals 20


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