Fri. Apr 16th, 2021

Chicago – afterglow announces the release of a steamy new original film, Cravings, that shines a spotlight on women’s deepest desires and sexual instincts, available March 5 at

Maxine Holloway stars as an overheated mom-to-be who discovers sweet relief in the grocery store, thanks to the cool and ever-so-inviting touch of a mysterious stranger (Mickey Mod) who suddenly appears in the produce aisle to quell her insatiable urges.

“The concept behind Cravings is about appeasing that longing inside of us in the most unexpected of ways, and acting on impulse in the heat of the moment,” explains Lilly Sparks, founder and CEO of afterglow. “Beautiful mother-to-be Maxine perfectly conveys the feeling of that overwhelming rush of hormones that drives us to give into those temptations.”

Cravings is afterglow’s latest foray into erotic fantasy that explores unbridled sexuality from a woman’s unique point of view. The newly-launched sex-positive website offers an incredible selection of cinematic films, eye-opening articles, a space for honest dialogue and compassionate resources that are inclusive and open to all.

Membership to the afterglow adult network starts at $10/mo., and for a limited time afterglow is offering a one-month free trial with the code SEXWHISPERER.

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Founded in 2020 by entrepreneur Lilly Sparks, afterglow is the sex-positive, pleasure-focused platform and community shifting the adult media paradigm. Curating stories, igniting conversations and offering premium video and written content centered on sexual fulfillment, afterglow empowers everyone to become experts in their own pleasure.

Paving the way for a future we want to live and star in, afterglow is an adult site for those 18+ with original, licensed content behind a paywall, and free sex-positive articles. Normalizing sex and porn in a modern world, afterglow is the sex resource we all need.

Lilly Sparks is the founder of afterglow, a revolutionary porn company merging porn and sexual wellness and making steamy films focused on the pleasure of all participants. Sparks’ inspiration to start afterglow came from struggles in her own sex life. She longed to find resources to help her explore authentic pleasure but felt alone and ashamed.

Knowing she wasn’t alone on this journey, Sparks created afterglow to explore sexuality and support the unabashed enjoyment of sex. Prior to afterglow, Lilly was a serial entrepreneur with expertise in scaling disruptive brands, taking them from zero to millions of revenue.

During her down time, Lilly loves listening to music, being outdoors, and dancing… especially doing all three at once.

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