Fri. May 7th, 2021

Chicago – Spring is in the air and sex educator Samia Burton, founder of the empowering online community Sexual Essentials, is re-emerging from lockdown to kick-start the site and plan a slew of new upcoming events.

The inspiring sex-positive blogger, motivational speaker and coach behind such workshops as #MouthMasterClass and #DickRiding101, is excited to reshape her hands-on events to better suit her clients’ needs in a post-COVID world.

“I expected that demand for my classes and instructional services would decline this past year during the pandemic lockdown, but instead I’ve found it to be completely the opposite,” said Burton. “The freedom to explore our sexuality has been disrupted by months of restrictions, and we are cautiously ready to get back out in the world and take pleasure in relationships again.”

Sexual Essentials, whose mission is to ‘teach, encourage and promote the sexual extensions of ourselves’, will keep subscribers apprised of Burton’s future sex workshops, including ‘Masturbation & Manifestation’, ‘Sex Conditioning Workout’, Foreplay & Vaginal Orgasms’ and ‘Masturbation & Squirting 101’ – plus a few new surprises later in the year.

As a savvy social media influencer, reaching over 90,000 online followers with nearly two million monthly impressions and consistent engagement, Burton is also available to write sponsored content aimed at professionals and potential customers, as well as host and appear as a featured speaker for industry events and conventions.

Visit and email Samia Burton at to inquire about rates and booking availability. Find and follow her on Twitter @miabuggzy, Instagram @sexualessentials and Facebook @sessentials1.

Sexual Essentials is a movement to help people understand & embrace their sexuality, body and desires with the goal of giving them the tools to create a sex life that is consistently fulfilling. Created by sex educator and motivational speaker/workshop coach Samia Burton, the ‘100% Judgement-Free Zone’ offers informative, thought-provoking and interactive learning to boost not only personal knowledge but confidence in our sexual selves.
Burton takes an unconventional approach to sex-ed, thanks to her personalized workshops – the infamous #MouthMasterclass, #DickRiding101 and the Sex Conditioning Workout are among the most popular – that focus on building confidence in a bold, respectable way to help people take control of their sex lives by increasing pleasure, passion and the will to stop letting sexuality be the taboo and elephant in the room that no one wants to discuss.
The reassuring instructor, who noted to VoyageATL, that she’s been told that “I have a way of discussing sexual things in a way that people don’t feel embarrassed or awkward”, is a frequent guest contributor on health & wellness podcasts, and owes much of her success to her relaxed energy and ‘real-talk’ demeanor with clients. “I just wanted to create a safe place for people to learn because sexual pleasure is important.”

By Editor