Wed. Jan 19th, 2022

Chicago – “Last Call,” a steamy virtual reality featurette starring Bella Luna as a beauteous bartender, is now streaming on The scene was produced exclusively for SexLikeReal Originals by director OnTheTelly.

“What makes VR porn so much fun is the medium’s ability to fulfill a variety of erotic fantasies through engrossing 3D scenarios,” said OnTheTelly. “With ‘Last Call’ we allow viewers to authentically experience the enormously popular fantasy of getting it on with the hot bartender.”

“Bella, with her deeply engaging brown eyes, radiant smile, and seductively supple body, delivers this dream-come-true adventure with zeal and passion,” OnTheTelly continued. “Bella used to be a bartender, so the role was perfect for her to step into and bring to life. I like the idea of travelers passing through places and exploring the intimate encounters that can happen when you feel like the distance from your home separates you from who you ‘are’ and who you’d want to be if no one knew you.”

Having worked in a bar and restaurant prior to her adult career, Luna enjoyed portraying a bartender in the new clip.

“I used to work at a restaurant. I started as a host, moved up to a server and then became a bartender. It was high energy. There was always something to do and I was always on my feet. I’m getting a little nostalgic being back here,” she said in an on-the-set interview.

The entertainer shared that she prefers her current gig as an adult performer to her previous job.

“This is my work but I’m also having fun. I’m so excited.”

“Last Call” is shot with a 200-degree field of vision in high-resolution 6K video and includes spatial audio. The scene can be viewed on here:

A behind-the-scenes interview with Luna can be viewed here:

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