Mon. Oct 18th, 2021

Chicago – Nafty, a leading digital (NFT) marketplace, social platform and entertainment hub for adult content creators and their fans, is sending Lexi Luna on a once-in-a-lifetime rocket ride as a space tourist on Elon Musk’s SpaceX private passenger program.

The company is currently applying to buy a ticket for NaftyArt’s exclusive NFT ambassador so she can slip into a SpaceX pressure suit and climb aboard one of the next space missions – like the Inspiration4 crew did this past week – to achieve her dream of reaching for the stars – and maybe even shoot a porn scene while she’s there!

“Now that private citizen space travel is available, we want to be a part of this groundbreaking time in history by sending NaftyArt’s very own Lexi Luna out to the farthest reaches of the atmosphere to launch some truly stellar adventures and mint it on an out-of-this-world NFT,” said Nafty CEO Rob Kemenyfi.

Before finding fame as an adult performer and content creator, Luna worked as a teacher, and one of her favorite subjects to teach was Astronomy. “Lexi is the perfect choice to help us achieve our intergalactic ambitions because of her passionate and adventurous nature. The sky’s (not) the limit!”

Get your ticket to ride – join the Nafty universe at For more information, contact

About Nafty:
Nafty is a decentralized NSFW ecosystem that empowers content creators using blockchain. It removes intermediaries, offers low-cost payment solutions and marketing tools to help creators build a fan base. NAFTY is the governance token across the ecosystem.

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