Mon. Nov 29th, 2021

Chicago – “Your Busty Boss,” a new virtual reality fantasy from SexLikeReal Originals and director OnTheTelly, is now streaming on featurette stars buxom brunette Alyx Star as a top-level corporate executive and puts the VR viewer in the shoes of a randy employee.

Star discovers the worker watching porn in his office. Knowing she has him in a precarious position, the sultry supervisor forces her underachieving staffer to get on his knees and beg her not to fire him. Seriously kinky interoffice fun ensues when the subordinate is compelled to obey a series of increasingly salacious commands, each request more perverted than the last, until the dominating dame is assiduously satisfied, and her underling’s sexual energy is thoroughly depleted.

“In ‘Your Busty Boss,’ we use the workplace power dynamic to delve into a variety of immoral obsessions,” OnTheTelly said. “Femdom, footplay, breast fetishes, and pantyhose proclivities are all wholly explored in this naughty scene that puts the viewer in the middle of the 3D action and face-to-face with one of the most voluptuous entertainers in the industry.”

“Alyx, with her irresistibly curvaceous body and persuasive personality, takes her fans on a boundless journey into the furthest reaches of immorality,” the director continued. “Delivering an uncompromising performance that begins with titillating masturbatory instructions and culminates in a full-blown hardcore sex binge, Alyx is hypnotic and completely compelling as the domineering doxy in this mischievous romp.”

“Your Busty Boss” is shot with a 200-degree field of view in high-resolution 6K video, includes spatial audio, and will soon be compatible with leading male pleasure products. The new scene can be viewed on here:

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