Chicago – SexLikeReal is excited to announce the release of “GFE: True Love,” a sumptuous new virtual reality fantasy featuring stunner Tru Kait in her inaugural VR scene. The featurette was created exclusively for SexLikeReal Originals by award-winning director Alex Nash and director of photography Evan Redstar.

Kait plays the VR viewer’s beautiful and compassionate girlfriend. On their first anniversary as a couple, the dark-haired dream girl has a cozy date planned for the lovers that includes intoxicating refreshments, a sensual massage, and an unhurried evening of caressing, cuddling, kissing and coitus.

“The engrossing power of virtual reality not only allows audiences to interact with their favorite porn stars in startlingly realistic 3D environments, but also offers viewers the opportunity to experience an unprecedented degree of intimacy with these coveted entertainers,” said director Nash. “With ‘GFE: True Love,’ we fully exploit VR’s capability to convey a personal connection through Tru’s profoundly affectionate performance.”

“In this hour-long escapist romance, Tru takes the time to soothe, calm, and deeply arouse the viewer,” Nash continued. “With a 200-degree view of the luxuriously atmospheric setting and a series of face-to-face close-ups, Tru sympathetically uses the VR medium to lull her fans into a state of relaxed bliss that genuinely evokes a strong sense of familiarity and fondness.”

“In addition to being one of the warmest and most affecting VR scenes ever produced for SexLikeReal, ‘GFE: True Love’ is also fervently erotic,” Nash added. “Once the audience is transported into Tru’s world of intense passion, the gorgeous vixen never lets up. She utilizes the full extent of her sexual prowess to take the lovemaking to excruciatingly hardcore extremes and delivers a milky-hot climax that is sure to satisfy even the most discerning VR enthusiasts.”

The buxom brunette is thrilled to get it on virtually with her fans for the very first time.

“This is my first VR scene,” Kait said in a behind-the-scenes interview for SexLikeReal. “I’m very excited to give you the personal experience of being one-on-one with me.”

“GFE: True Love” is compatible with leading male sex toys so that viewers can experience tactile sensations synchronized with Kait’s pleasure-inducing movements. The scene can be viewed on here:

An interview with Kait can be viewed here:

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