Wed. May 18th, 2022

Chicago – Woodhull Freedom Foundation will host a special virtual Human Rights Commission titled “Fact of Fiction: Sex Trafficking at the Super Bowl,” on Thursday, February 10 at 6:00 PST.

The panel will focus on debunking the myths about sex trafficking surrounding high-profile public events such as the Super Bowl and providing testimony about the ways these common misconceptions put sex workers’ lives in danger while reducing their access to important social services.

Panelists and speakers will include impacted sex workers, local criminal justice reform advocates, labor rights activists, health care experts, and researchers, discussing sex workers’ rights and the need for achieving governmental policies that protect consensual sex workers while addressing sexual labor exploitation.

“At Woodhull’s Human Rights Commission on February 10th, we’ll be talking about how the conflation of consensual adult sex work with ‘sex trafficking’ creates more harm than good. The legislation and cultural attitudes arising from this misunderstanding strips exploited workers of their autonomy while making consensual sex workers more vulnerable to exploitation and violating their most fundamental human rights. That has to change!” said Alex Andrews, Director, Woodhull’s Human Rights Commissions.

Woodhull Freedom Foundation exists to fight back against laws that suppress sexual freedom and to advance sexual rights. Woodhull works at the intersection of many movements and campaigns and in coalition with many organizations and communities in order to achieve political, cultural, and social change. From #BlackLivesMatter to #MeToo, from reproductive justice to racial justice, from free speech to sex worker rights, Woodhull stands at the intersection of many movements and campaigns in order to protect sexual freedom as a fundamental human right.

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Headquartered in Washington DC, the Woodhull Freedom Foundation is a non-profit organization that works to change laws, policies, and practices across a range of issues that deny or threaten people’s fundamental human right to sexual freedom.

Founded in 2003 and named for Victoria Woodhull, the 19th century feminist, activist and suffragette who fought for the right for women to vote in public elections, the Foundation is the preeminent voice emanating from the intersection of sexual rights and human rights that continues to fight against the tyranny of widespread sexual repression in America. To learn more, visit

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