Fri. Jun 24th, 2022

Chicago – Zero Discrimination Day is celebrated, since 2014, by the United Nations on March 1st, to promote equality before the law, and in practice, throughout all of the member countries of the UN. In 2017, The UN Development Programme also paid tribute in 2017 to LGBTI people with HIV/AIDS who face discrimination.

Along with organization throughout the world, gathering on the bases on Zero Discrimination Day, Smutty Network introduced on SmuttyFlix – it’s Streaming platform – a “Gender Fluid path” where everyone is welcome.

“LGBTQ+ communities struggle daily for inclusion and acceptance. Supporting these communities is supporting their freedom, their physical and mental health.” stated Mike Pinto, CEO of Smutty Network. “Creating an area of comfort and content, on SmuttyFlix, to host all gender fluid variations helps promote them at the same time that allows the communities to express themselves safely.” continued Mike Pinto.

With hundreds of titles in, and a lot more coming soon, the Gender Fluid area wants to be a beacon in the industry for all LGBTQ+ content as well as a gathering point for all communities to feel at home.

About Smutty Network

Smutty Network is the umbrella brand for:

  • -> Flagship Social Network. A comprehensive adult-oriented, NSFW-friendly. It is the perfect platform to promote adult content and enjoy everything related to the NSFW lifestyle!
  • -> Premium Content Platform. It provides content creators a reliable, safe platform to monetize content and take full advantage of the SmuttyFy community.
  • -> Next generation Adult Streaming Platform. Adult does not mean Porn, means 18+ shows, documentaries, interviews, podcasts, reality tv, stand up comedy and (yes) porn!
  • For more information, visit or email for more detailed information.

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