Sat. Jun 25th, 2022

Sydney, Australia: The Australian Adult Industry Awards™ – A.A.I.A.®, now in its 22nd year, is a glamorous annual black tie event, complete with a red carpet entrance and a 3-course meal. It is the only event where the public can rub shoulders with the cream of the Australian adult entertainment industry while enjoying the very best entertainment the industry has to offer.

The Australian Adult Industry Awards™ – A.A.I.A.® is the Australian adult industry’s equivalent of the Australian Logie Awards. With the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Sydney as the venue, top names in the nation’s X-rated scene will gather to watch the diamond-shaped crystal trophies handed out to best entertainers, filmmakers and venue owners in more than 80 categories.

David Ross says, “It has come to our attention that a proposed event (AICA), purporting to be associated with the Australian Adult Industry Awards™ – A.A.I.A®, is selling tickets and sponsorship for an event planned for the same night as the Australian Adult Industry Awards™. That proposed event is not sanctioned by us.

That event is claiming to be a rebranded Australian Adult Industry Awards™ – A.A.I.A® event; it is not,” he said

Q: Who has ever been to the Adult Industry Choice Awards (AICA)?

A: No one, because all previous events have been the Australian Adult Industry Awards™.

Fact: AICA is not a rebranded A.A.I.A.® event. If the AICA event does get off the ground, it will be its first event!

A recent AICA Twitter post including this video (without A.A.I.A.® branding) states ‘Watch the recap video from OUR 2021 awards show! – May 26th 2022 we do it all over again – bigger, better and more glamorous than ever!’ See

In fact, the video is of the ’21 Australian Adult Industry Awards™ – A.A.I.A.® (not AICA) event, as demonstrated by A.A.I.A.® logos on the stage screen, although there has been a clumsy attempt to blur out those logos – an attempt that failed spectacularly – as a frame-by-frame inspection clearly reveals A.A.I.A.® logos on the big screen!

The AICA post goes further to the ongoing infringing of A.A.I.A.® intellectual property and the passing off of an association with the A.A.I.A.® event. The Australian Adult Industry Awards™ – A.A.I.A.® has no association with AICA and has commenced Federal Court action to stop such behaviour.

A Statement of Claim naming the AICA and its directors lodged with the Federal Court on the 24th of December, 2021 required a legal defence to be filed by February 11th, 2022 – to this date, no defence has been filed. The A.A.I.A.® reserves its rights regarding applying for a default judgement.

Don’t be fooled by impersonators, get your tickets to the one and only Australian Adult Industry Awards™ – A.A.I.A.®, now in its 22nd year, at

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